Father & Son


I spent the evening in a crowd of fans listening to two incredible bands share a stage in Wantagh, NY – Jones Beach Theater.  They performed their own songs with such intense and incredible talent that even those who were not “fans” had to appreciate their musical abilities.

Dark Side of the Mule is what Gov’t Mule calls their album that is chock full of Pink Floyd covers from Dark Side of the Moon.  Played with such precision and such passion, Gov’t Mule hit every note perfectly, timed every lyric seamlessly, and gave every minute detail the attention it deserved.  Watching them perform these songs was a great pleasure of mine having not been able to see Pink Floyd live in concert.  The joy in the crowd and in my small group of family and friends was immeasurable.

With this, I stood behind a father and son for the entire evening and watched as they enjoyed the songs.  Dad, clearly a Pink Floyd fan from his youth – Son, clearly a fan of his Dad.

They enjoyed the show together and more importantly, enjoyed each other’s company.  Seeing Dad share his passion for the music of an iconic band, a piece of his history, with his Son…

This made me smile.  : )

Welcome Home

As many of us do on a regular basis, I was scrolling through a social media feed when I cam across the following.

A camera was focused on an elderly man standing in a very busy airport terminal with a bouquet of flowers.  As many men, women, & children walked by, he stood patiently.  It was obvious the crowd was busy and everyone had somewhere important to be.  Everyone was thinking about their “next move”.  All the while, this man just stood, flowers in hand, waiting.

A few moments passed by and I started to notice smiles on the faces of those walking by him.  I can only assume these were passengers on the same flight as the person he was there to greet.  You can tell that once they made the connection between the passenger that shared their flight and this man waiting patiently they became overwhelmed with happiness.

Slowly from the left camera edge, the man’s wife walks into focus.  His body language immediately changes to that of excitement, his wife “rushes” toward her husband who is waiting patiently to greet her with flowers at the airport.

Who knows how long they had been apart or where she was traveling from or even WHY they were apart.  However, in an environment of hectic security measures and on-the-go travelers with precious little time to get from one place to the other, this man never lost focus on what was important to him.

He cared about nothing else than being a smiling face in a sea of craziness for his wife after her long journey in flight.

This made me smile. : )